Asphalt PavingWe offer paving, grading and milling options for the smallest residential customer, town or city paving and State and Federal Government work.

We currently have two paving crews, both of which are skilled enough to pave the smallest residential driveway to the largest VDOT highway.

We offer:

  • Milling – Milling is the process in which a milling machine grinds up the existing asphalt and loads it on a truck to be used as a recycled asphalt in a new asphalt mix or could be used as a fill material in a parking lot or road. The advantage of using recycled asphalt is simple, we are not wasting our natural resources. By using RAP “Recycled Asphalt Products”, we crush less stone and buy less crude oil. We can mill out patches in commercial parking lots, main VDOT highways, or subdivision roadways that need major repair.
  • Grading – Grading is the process required to shapes the sub-base prior to paving. The sub-base is almost as important as the final paving. The asphalt is sometimes called “flexible pavement” and if the sub-base is not prepared properly your pavement could flex, resulting in cracking, potholes, water puddles and a overall non pleasant appearance. It is often wise to have the same company that paves your lot apply the sub-base.
  • Asphalt Paving – Asphalt paving can take many forms, whether it is parking lot be paved at the movie theater coming in down the street, the older subdivision being overlaid to get rid of all those potholes and bumps or the nice new black pavement on the major VDOT / WVDOH highway you ride over every day going to work. There are many needs and applications of pavement in our area. We produce our own stone for most all of or asphalt mixes and take great strides in our design laboratory to ensure the most quality mixes we can provide. The asphalt design and paving methods have transformed over the past 15 years providing many new types of modern and superior asphalt products for our customers needs. Our laboratory designs asphalt mixes for all types of paving needs, whether it is Virginia Department of Transportation, West Virginian Department of Highways, City and Town Streets, Subdivisions, Church Parking lots, Commercial Parking Lots or your driveway. We are prepared for them all.
  • FOB – We offer FOB (Freight on Board) asphalt sales for private Asphalt companies, State Maintenance divisions, and Town and City public works departments. We strive to design the very best asphalt products to fit your needs. Last year we had over 30 different VDOT approved asphalt mix designs. Each one for a distinct purpose to meet customers needs. Our laboratory design team spends countless hours in our testing lab trying to better our prod

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